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Shanghai dragon speeding white hat website promotion

Description: this did not write, is a great loss, the proposal here with your long tail keywords write a coherent statement. Keyword: I did not write here, here can be improved, but did not write the impact is not great. In fact, the The websiteWhen the content reaches a certain level, submit to the search engine. I am to love Shanghai, Google, YAHOO such a large search engine can be submitted. Then register the Sina blog, blog. There is also a forum. chain strategy learning, by the way replies in Shanghai Longfeng why forum, post. Which will bring me a good sign effect. The Tianya forum hair every day is the content from the website copy down, with links to articles. Even if only to do so, the effect is good. start site is not included, the chain, PR Links basically is not for the. It will consider the content. The pseudo original plagiarism, although have the effect, but the quality of the discount is serious, and the search engine every day in the update, for identification of plagiarism, false original article will further enhance. When these sites will be included to reduce risk, reduce the weight of. How can we get so many original website content strategy ? The website ? did not do a good job in these local circumstances, how do I optimize the improve the link exchange platform, which is a steady of the chain. And then start doing SOSO quiz, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai Encyclopedia etc.. A forum mix for a long time, you have to change the new forum, and the forum outside the chain effect not only quantity, quality, I will not do the forum. on how to do Shanghai Longfeng, online theory a case analysis as a web site, here I will take me to do, I is how to share a website from the included 5, trans 3, PR0 after 2 months and 27 days that included 10700, trans 10900, PR3. In case my website is a two level domain name: Luojiang village public network. title is not very good, but not to change, then you have to compromise. The inside of the Title text is very important, here you must write your target keywords, the most important on the front. three factor analysis SOSO ask to know love Shanghai high level is very good with the chain, probably after level 4. Of course, the operation speed is slow. It is indeed a good way. I’m just. I like included original, write some meetings, write some of the villages, write some maintenance costs. These every day can send 3-5. And these contents every day, don’t ask more than words, as long as you can read, belong to the original.

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Sharing experience how to exchange high quality Links

is down right: whether it is domain or site, the front page of the site must be in the first place, otherwise as down the right, many people are concerned about the site instead of the domain, the domain is actually the judge whether the site right down to the standard. world ranking: the ranking will be better, if you own website no ranking, don’t force others. what is the high quality Links, and not just what the large portal home page links, as long as compared with your site, it is higher than the quality of your website, for you, even if it is a high quality friend chain. How to judge the other site comprehensive quality, we should from their PR, included, snapshots, the number of the chain, whether the right down, outbound links number, world ranking, keyword ranking and so on to consider. generally at around 45, more than 45 of your website even link up, only to get little or no output weights. The number of outbound links: snapshot: snapshot normal, refers to the snapshot in 3 days are considered normal, some people is the next snapshot, personally feel that within 3 days of OK. As everyone knows high quality Links is very helpful for the website, it will make the site keywords ranking, PR and weight increase, a lot of websites to improve their website weight and ranking bought unilaterally link a lot of large portal, undeniably, this kind of practice on their own website is quite good. But this method is only for the conditions of the owners, general small owners do not have so much money to pay for expensive wars link costs, they can only exchange Links, today to share with you some of the people in the Links aspects of experience summary, hope to give beginners a little help. PR: select your site as much or more sites to link, of course is not high PR, not purely in exchange for high PR website to choose those PR higher than you but included only a few pages of the old new domain name. The chain: the more the better, the more that the chain site infrastructure better, relative to the chain of less stable foundation for some website. the above seven aspects are not independent, must meet all or meet in order to exchange for the. keyword ranking: best individual keywords are ranked on the first page: if your own website is not above ranking, don’t expect others. features: the key is to include normal, normal included refers to a new collection of each other for some time, if found their website last collection date a month ago would not have considered that they did not like the new website. And you included quite or more sites, if the other contains less than you, but PR than you, you can also consider exchange. The number of

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